Inspet Ploiesti is a company specialized in construction and maintenance of oil and gas equipment that spun-off in 1990 from the long lasting traditional “Oil Field Construction and Mounting Enterprise”.
  • Company’s roots are historically set 60 years ago, whilst during its modern history going back over 20 years it successfully grown and adapted its range of services to become a complete construction provider in its sector:
  • 1950 – establishment of the state-own conglomerate “TCMS Ploiesti - Trustul de Constructii Montaj Schele” having 5 territorial branches, of which “ICMS nr.1” covered the oil field construction activities at national level   
  • 1950 - 1970 - ICMS nr.1 branch crystallize its leading professional position in the industry and starting with 1970 became “ICIP Ploiesti - Intreprinderea de Constructii Instalatii Petroliere”   
  • 1984 – following a formal reorganization ICIP Ploiesti became “ACMP Teleajen – Antrepriza de Constructii Montaje Petroliere Teleajen” – part of “Trustul de Antrepriza Generala Constructii Speciale Petroliere Ploiesti”- TAGCSP Ploiesti - while the core business parameters stood unchanged   
  • 1990 – following communism era ending ACMP Teleajen become a stand alone branch within newly formed company CIPROM (the new name of TAGCSP Ploiesti)   
  • 1991 – the core nucleon of former ICMS nr.1 spun-off from CIPROM, becoming Inspet, which in 1994 became a fully privately owned Company