Oil refinery rehabilitation

Beneficiary: Petrotel Lukoil Refinery
Project: Refinery rehabilitation including review and updating of distillation facilities, hydrophination, catalytic cracking, coxing, gas desulphuration, flares,oil and LPG tank
farms, fire fighting system, steam distribution and condensate recovery system, water
purging, air and gas distribution systems, steel structures
Inspet role: Main Contractor - coordination of more than 20 specialized
Project type: CPM - basic engineering and basic equipment delivered
by the Owner Project aim: Turning to account the investments made by
the Owner aimed at improving its oil products output and boost sales
on the national market.
Scope of work: Procurement and supply of partial equipment,
construction works (welding, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, protection, painting), tests, commissioning, project management. Execution period: August 2003 - July 2005